Friday, January 21, 2011

Recipe : Fluffy Brown Rice

Another entry borrowed from Keeping it Simple...  I just copied and pasted her post since there's really nothing I need to add to or take away from it...  :)

Instructions for Light, Fluffy Brown Rice

When we first started eating brown rice it was not good. NEVER cook it like it says on the bag. It is WAY too much water. I then found a way to bake it and it was very good, but I don't like to heat my kitchen with the oven if I don't have to. Today I went searching again and I found THE best way to cook rice. You don't have to measure your water, you have no sticky pan to clean, it's done on top of the stove, it's LIGHT, it's FLUFFY, it's EASY and it's PERFECT!! My entire family loved it and so did I. This will be the only way I cook brown rice from now on. So do ya want to know how to do it??? Bring a large pot of water to a boil. You don't have to measure it, just make sure it's way more than you need for the rice. Put your rice in, however much you want. Let it boil for 30 minutes, without a lid. After 30 minutes drain it in a wire colander. Let set for 10 seconds and return to pot. Put a lid on it and set it some where, but not on the stove, for 10 minutes. Don't open the lid. PERFECT brown rice!! I love the fact that it was fluffy and not sticking at all and that the pan was SO easy to clean!! Here is where I found the directions. She said to measure 12 cups of water out, but I didn't. As long as you have extra water that is not going to boil out while cooking, it's enough.

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