Sunday, March 31, 2013

Redecorating on the Cheap - Girl's Bedroom

Redecorating on the Cheap.

We're in this cute little house now, a 1960s bungalow on a corner lot in a decent part of town.  It's also an older part of town, which means it has more than a closet-sized yard.  YAY!   Unfortunately, someone got the great idea that brown is a good neutral color to paint an entire house in.  And also got the great idea that textured stucco would make a good wall surface.   We will tackle THAT later.

The first project is our oldest daughter's bedroom.  Eight year old girl, blah brown bedroom.  Messy closet.

She likes the sort of French country look, sort of shabby chic.... ish... we settled on blue & pink and I ran with it.

Thrifted inspirations....

Pillow $0.50, basket $0.25, linens total $5.00

$2.00 per roll - score!

Old bed frame gleaned from FreeCycle :o)  I strongly considered painting it a bright pink, but opted ultimately to leave it white.

The shade of blue we chose, color-matched from the wallpaper.  This, I paid full retail for.

This is going to be so much brighter!!! 

Aaaaahhhh.  I love it.

Another thrifted goodie - $2.00 for both shelves.

With a coat of Krylon white spray paint, and a few inexpensive brackets, we now have bedside shelves instead of nightstands.

Bed set up, shelves installed, and a $2.00 mat.

Duvet cover from Ikea (brought out of hiding in the back of the linen closet) and a clearance duvet from Zellers' closing sale.

Shelf from FreeCycle - all it needed was a bit of cleaning up :)   I backed it with the wallpaper to tie it together with the room.


Closet makeover, step one.

Sort of lacking in progress photos as I went, but with the closet I papered the walls, painted the hardware with Krylon white spray paint, then (after this photo was taken) I reinstalled the upper shelf.

Cara's finishing touches.  ;)

The most expensive parts of this room were the gallon of paint from Rona ($39.99), and the duvet from Zellers ($29.99).    I spent under $15.00 for all of the various little decor pieces.   So ultimately, this room makeover came in under $100.00.  I'm happy with that.  Next up, five year old's bedroom.