Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Couponing : January 19, 2011

Ever wonder about the variety of things you can get great deals on if you take the time to look?  Check this out!  And by the way, there are great deals on kids' rubber boots at Walmart right now... going back for those this weekend, methinks.

 I love receipts that look like this!!

A few random great deals (no coupons):
Cloth dance/gymnastics slippers for Cara - regular price $10.00, on sale for $5.00, reduced to $3.00!!
Fuzzy ballerina-style slippers with pink jewels - on sale for $2.00!  Hello, birthday present!
Simple Pleasures cookies - on the clearance rack for $0.50/box... the best before date is this month, but heaven knows they won't last long enough around here for that to matter.  LOL

Coupon Deals
Best deal of the day, hands-down.  Gillette Bonus Pack - Body Wash + Free Razor:  on clearance for $3.00 which is a great price to begin with.  Separate retail price on these two items is over $10.00.   But then take off a "$5.00 when you buy three Gillette products" coupon and you have a deal that makes it worth buying six of those puppies.  :)  $3.00 x 6 = $18.00 - $10.00 = $8.00, or $1.33 per pack.  Sweet.  :)

Beneful Dog Food:  $6.48 - $2.00 coupon = $4.48

Beneful Dog Treats: $4.97 - $1.00 coupon = $3.97

Robin Hood Flour 2.5kg: $4.48 - $1.00 = $3.48   Can I make mention here that if you use flour, you should be stocking up ahead and waiting for sales... our Walmart had NO, as in ZERO, 5kg or 10kg bags of flour in stock.  Just the dinky ones that are a pretty sorry deal at the best of times.  But with the coupon it was cheaper than the 'Great Value' brand, so... c'est la vie.

Catelli Smart pasta: on sale for $1.27! - $0.75 coupon = $0.52

Catelli Healthy Harvest pasta: on sale for $1.27! - $1.00 coupon wub2 = $0.77 each

Saran Wrap: $3.27 - $1.00 coupon (on the package) = $2.27

Green Giant frozen vegetables: $2.47 - $0.50 coupon = $1.97

Fibre1 Cereal: on sale for $3.97 - $1.00 coupon = $2.97  Not a fabulous deal, but not terrible either.

Two Scoops Raisin Bran Cereal: on sale for $2.47 - $1.00 coupon = $1.47  That's what I consider a good price for cereal :)

Janes Chicken Strips: $10.97 - $1.50 coupon = $9.47  More than I'd like to pay, but less than most brands.  They just don't go on sale nearly often enough, but when they do, I buy a LOT.

Natural Defense Dog Food: $13.98 - $5.00 coupon = $8.98 - This one was a slip actually... the shelf tag read a whole lot less than this, but I wasn't paying enough attention at the checkout and I completely missed the scanned price.  I'll check on this the next time I'm in.  I wonder if you can SCOP after the fact?  Hmmm.

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