Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Couponing : February 2, 2011

No photo from today, because I just scored a few things in the middle of my regular shopping at Walmart, but here are the successes:

Arm & Hammer Essentials Laundry Detergent - found on the top shelf marked on clearance at $3.97.  It scanned up at $3.75, even better!  And I had a couple of coupons for $1.00 off, so I picked up two bottles for $2.75 each.  :-)

Knorr Bouillon, $1.97 each - $1.00 off when you buy two = $1.47 each

So Nice Soy Beverage $4.27 - $1.00 off

Smuckers Squeeze $4.20 - $1.00 off  (I can't say I'd buy this again - we wanted to try it, but it's way too sweet)

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