Thursday, February 17, 2011

Couponing : February 17, 2011

Grocery day today... sort of.  Let's just say, my approach to grocery shopping has changed immensely from its original form (that looks good, grab that, the cart is full so we must be done) to where I am at today (read the flyers, cross-reference prices, check the price book, look for coupons, stock up on must-have deals and then plan the rest of the trip).   It takes more time, but it's become kind of a game for me to see what I can accomplish.  And you know what, every dollar counts, whether I decide to use those dollars-saved to buy something extra (like a $1.50 sweater and a $1.00 turtleneck from Zellers today) or just consider them part of my financial contribution to our household.   I do still need to do some "real" shopping for produce, and I'm soon due to buy some meat from somewhere (exploring local options here).  But this is the "fun" shopping.

Shopper's Drug Mart
Tazo Tea - on sale for $3.99, minus $1.00 coupons from Canadian Living = $2.99 each
Danino 6-pk - on sale for $2.49, minus $1.50 coupons from Danone = $0.99 each!!
Sausage - $6.99, minus $5.00 worth of in-store coupons = $1.99 and supper tomorrow
Schneider's Bacon - on sale for $4.89, minus $1.00 in-store coupon = $3.89 and happy Cara
Eggs - $2.29/dozen, minus $2.00 wub2 coupon from newspaper = $1.29/dozen
Kellogg's Vector Cereal - on sale for $2.99, minus $1.00 coupon from websaver = $1.99
Kellogg's Muslix Cereal - on sale for $2.99, minus $1.00 coupon from websaver = $1.99
Life Brand dark chocolate - $4.99 minus $3.50 worth of in-store coupon = $1.49 treat for Daddy
Honey Nut Cheerios - no coupon but they were on sale for $1.99!
So Nice organic soy milk - on sale for $4.49, minus $0.75 coupon from = $3.74
Kellogg's All Bran Strawberry Medley - $5.49, FREE with coupon from Special K box = :-)
A couple of other good deals I picked up include sugar for $1.99 and honey for $3.99.  

Total before coupons: $66.93
Total coupons used: $24.74  Woohoo!
Total out-of-pocket: $42.19

I wasn't exactly going crazy at Zeller's... although it's tempting to go there tomorrow with a plan to go a little nuts.  The cashier tipped me off that all yellow-ticketed clothing will be another 40% off, meaning that some of the winter outerwear that is now 50% will be pretty darn cheap tomorrow, and some ladies wear will be as low as $0.60, like the turtleneck I bought for a dollar tonight.  I'm not sure that I'll go, though.  We don't really NEED anything right now, and they didn't have any snowsuits in the right size for buying ahead for next year.  However, they do have a ton of winter jackets if anyone is shopping for those.  

Anyway, today's deals were pretty specifically planned before I left.  I didn't have many coupons, mostly I was going for a few good flyer deals.  But I did score the tops I mentioned above, got a good price on some yummy chocolate, and I did get these coupon deals:
Clorox Greenworks cleaners - on sale for $1.99.  If I had had any of the $5.00 wub3 coupons floating around I would have cleaned up, but I didn't.  I did, however, have three to save $1.00 off dish soap, and one to save $1.50 off any.  Plus, $1.99 is a pretty good price anyway, so I bought one more beyond the coupons.
Smucker's - on sale for $3.99, minus coupons for $0.75 = $3.24 for a 500ml jar.  Not great, but not bad, either.

Total coupon savings at Zellers = $6.00

Now, here's where this all gets a little more interesting.  Those two Danino packs that I got for 99 cents each have this coupon inside to save $5.00 off when you buy $40.00 worth of MegaBloks products.  These are nice to trade with or to have on hand for birthday shopping...

And two of those Kellogg's cereal boxes that I got for $1.99 after coupons have this little feature:

If you can get a good deal and turn it into a great one by buying products that have coupons printed inside, then (assuming it's a coupon you can use) you're essentially turning a profit on the purchase.  And you can't beat that!  :o)   Kellogg's cereal is particularly good for this - they had a promo where you could get a $5.00 prepaid gas "credit card" through a mail-in rebate, another with $10.00 Hasbro game coupons (running again now with $5.00 coupons), and others have included free milk, free bananas, free yogurt, and of course free cereal.  So watch for those!

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